How to Prepare Your Wardrobe for Fall

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Making that important change from summer to fall as far as your wardrobe is concerned can be quite challenging. Fall is a favorite season for many people. However, it usually becomes uncomfortable when it is very cold and all you have is summer wear. Your winter coat may come in handy during this time but it will make you sweaty and messy. It is important to prepare your wardrobe with clothes that will last the entire season.

Anyone who has filled his or her closet with essential fall wardrobe essentials should have no challenge switching from summer to fall. All you need to do is be creative and declutter. It is important to know that coats are an important part of your wardrobe selection for fall.

Step 1 – Review
Check your closet to find out whether there is any clothing in your wardrobe that you didn’t put on during summer or spring. These include shirts that you bought and were not in fashion. Find them and set them and put them aside in a pile.

Step 2 – Declutter
Decluttering is not meant for spring only. Go through the clothes that you didn’t wear and ask yourself whether you would wear them again or not. It is possible that you won’t necessarily need them. You may also find that you have more than one shirt that look similar or are slightly different. Do away with some and remain with those that you really need.

Step 3 – Evaluate
Most people have clothes that are out of season. Remove everything you do not need from your closet and then find out if there are items left in your closet that you would not mind wearing during a rainy season. A decent menswear for fall 2016 should consist of either a jacket that you can throw over a T-shirt or a coat.

Step 4 – Combine
Set aside some decent clothes for fall 2016 based from whatever you have. Consider having a mix of Khaki trousers with sweaters as well as casual wear that can match with a trench coat. Try on as many combinations as you can until you find at least four pairs that blend well together. Do not shy away from mixing summer patterns and colors with dull fall colors. You do not have to do away with your favorite summer clothes altogether. Add T-shirts that you can complement with a coat on top to your fall collection.

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