Used Restaurant Equipment from Canada Finds Charitable Second Life

What happens when kitchen equipment is replaced due to upgrades or once restaurant owners decide that they need greater capacity or new features? In Canada, a couple of charitable organizations have given new life to old kitchen equipment for charitable purposes.

The Fort McMurray Breakfast Club

One of the largest emergency evacuations of the 21st century was successfully conducted by Canadian officials and rescue crews in Fort McMurray, a city that was thoroughly devastated by a massive wildfire that destroyed nearly 2,500 homes.

Since mid-2016, the Fort McMurray community has undertaken the arduous task of rebuilding after the fire. Pembina Pipeline Corporation, one of the many oil drilling and servicing companies in the Alberta province has made an important contribution in this regard: a $20,000 donation to the Fort Mac Breakfast Club.

In late January, the CBC reported on the reopening of the Breakfast Club, which is hosted at the Dr K.A. Clark Elementary School. Used kitchen equipment no longer in use by restaurants was on hand to prepare the first breakfast meal for Fort McMurray children. The Clark Elementary School is currently in charge of providing education for most of the city’s students since the rest of the schools have not yet reopened due to structural damage caused by the fire.

With the funds received by the Pembina Pipeline Corporation, the Fort McMurray Breakfast Club hopes to acquire more kitchen equipment such as refrigerators, coolers, toasters, and blenders. The oil drilling company also plans to donate more funds for the Breakfast Club program in all provinces.

Ukrainian Hospitals Get Canadian Donation

Kitchen equipment, mattresses, wheelchairs, examination tables, hospital beds, and other items were donated to Ukraine as part of a Canadian charitable action.

The Vancouver branch of the Ukrainian Canadian Social Services made the donation possible. The equipment was received by five hospitals in various regions of the former Soviet republic, which has been ensnared in armed conflict prompted by the controversial annexation of Crimea to Russia.

The donated equipment was shown at an orthopedic center in Kiev, capital city of Ukraine, in late January. The kitchen equipment is now in place at a children’s hospital located in Chernivtsi. The donation was organized in part by the organization known as Rotary World Help.

Altogether, the donation handled by the Ukrainian Canadian Social Services had an estimated value of $800,000 and was shipped in three containers. In the future, the organization intends to coordinate even more charitable donations to strengthen the friendship between these two nations. There is more information to be found at the Nella Cutlery website.

The Top Party Rentals to Consider for Your Upcoming Event

Planning a wedding can be one of the most exciting times in your life, but it can also be extremely stressful for the bride and groom. You’ll have so much to do, including invitations, the cake, the dress, who will be the groomsmen and bridesmaids and much more.

Of course, one of the most important things that you will need to plan is your reception. And if your reception is going to be outside, you’ll certainly need to accommodate your guests with rentals. What do you need to rent? The following list of possibilities will greatly help you with this important decision.

1. A tent for the reception

You’ll definitely need a tent for your reception. Even if you are 98 percent sure that rain won’t be a factor on the day of your wedding and reception, you should still protect your guests just in case. Likewise, the sun can be harsh if you plan on getting married in the summer or in a hot location, and you’ll want to have a cover for you and your guests.

2. A dance floor

Dancing will be difficult on grass, dirt or gravel, so make sure that you rent a dance floor as well!

3. Tables and chairs

Of course, your guests will need somewhere to sit at your reception, so make sure to have an adequate number of tables and chairs for the event. Renting these things should be done after you have a good idea of the number of guests that you’ll have.

4. Linens

To cover the tables, you’ll need to have the proper linens, which should be rented instead of bought. Likewise, you’ll need napkins and linens for your buffet or for the servers that you’ll be employing on the day.

5. Dinnerware, barware and flatware

In order to dine on things other than foam plates and plastic cups, you’ll want to rent your dinnerware, barware and flatware. This is naturally much less expensive than buying all new items, and you certainly won’t want to buy these new. Most of the time, you will be able to rent quite nice dinnerware, barware and flatware.

6. Electricity

Naturally, if you’re going to have music and lights at your outdoor wedding reception, you’re going to need electricity! For this reason, you’ll need to rent a generator from your rental company.

As a final reminder, don’t forget that you should always make your special event rentals far in advance of the date of your wedding. Especially if you’re getting married in the summer time, rentals can go quickly, so you’ll want to be well prepared by booking all of these things as soon as possible. For more information, additional resources can be found at Hart Entertainment.