Tips To Choose the Right Dentures

Teeth are a crucial part of the human anatomy. Healthy teeth reflect the overall health. It is vital to take care of teeth so as to ensure they remain in proper condition. Visiting your dentist regularly and adhering to basic oral hygiene care tips will help you keep your pearly whites healthy. However, regardless of the care, you give your teeth; it does not eliminate the possibility of decay, possible injury or periodontal diseases. When such problems hit you, your prosthodontist is likely to recommend dentures.

The dentures procedure is not as easy as one may perceive. If you are considering dentures, these tips may help.

Select a dentist
The first thing is to find a qualified dentist for the procedure. Even though most dentists are capable of performing this task, it is recommendable to seek the services of Prosthodontists since they specialize in restorative dentistry. The prosthodontist will assess your case carefully then design a denture that is custom-made for your needs.

Types of dentures
Many types of dentures are available. It is important to understand their specific attributes so as to make the right decision.

Removable dentures – dentures may either be removable or permanent. The removable kind allows one flexibility as you can take them out as you wish. This way, it is easier to clean, convenient to use and less costly. However, an adhesive should be applied which could increase the cost and hassle.

Permanent dentures– are more costly than their removable counterpart but require little or zero maintenance.

Full dentures– are made of acrylic, and they replace all the teeth in the upper jaw. They are functional and comfy to use. Complete dentures replicate the natural teeth.

Partial dentures– are usually utilized to replace either one or more teeth that are missing in the dental arch. They can either be made from metal, acrylic, plastic or a combination of the three materials. Usually, a clip is attached to partial dentures so as to keep them in place.

Denture color
Dentures are found in various shades of white. Many people tend to go for the brightest shade, forgetting to check whether they will match with the natural shade of their teeth. Try to go for the shade that closely reassembles that of your teeth. Your prosthodontist will give a shade chart which will make it easier for you to make a decision. More online resources are available at Prosthodontic Associates.

Cost is a crucial aspect that should not be assumed. Ask for rough estimates of the general denture costs and weight that against your allocated budget. The cost varies depending on the dental costs, your dental insurance coverage, denture type, and the materials used.

Considering the time and money put into getting your dentures, it is important to exercise basic oral care after getting your dentures. Do not attempt to repair dentures by yourself. Instead, take them to your prosthodontist.