5 Steps to Use Window Treatments to Transform Your Home

Nothing changes the inner or outer aesthetic of a home as dramatically and easily as window treatments. The design elements of your windows affect both views instantly. The choices of window treatments and ideas are seemingly endless. Here are five steps to making a dramatic transformation to your home.

Step 1: Choose the Style of Window

Choose the Style of Window

From sliding windows to picture windows, there is an ideal style for every room. Professional manufacturers like Panes windows can help you decide your best options. If you live in a breezy, cool climate, you’re certain to want sliding windows you can open to save on energy bills. Perfect views from a dining, porch or living area can look like art from a picture window. Decide what each room needs, what is efficient from an energy and aesthetic standpoint, and dive into all your options.

Step 2: Window Molding and Trim Options

Window Molding and Trim Options

The next step is to decide what, if any, trim you’ll place around your windows. Some homeowners choose to leave windows flush with the wall for a minimalist look. Others choose single or multiple layered molding flanking the windows. These treatments allow for painting, which compliments the view and other treatment options like curtains. Molding is cut from simple to quite elaborate designs. Each room can have its own unique style, or using similar trim in each room the house achieves flow.

Step 3: Using Shutters and Planters

Using Shutters and Planters

The next step is considering curb appeal. Again, some homeowners choose the simple by allowing the inner treatments to be enough. Others choose to add eclectic treatments to the outside. Shutters are a popular option to give either a classic (Colonial, Victorian, etc.) or modern look (Louver, Plantation, etc.) to your home. Shutter treatments alone will add monetary and aesthetic value to your home. Planters installed below the windows give the outside and inside a fresh, colorful feel.

Step 4: Choosing Curtains, Blinds, Drapes and Window Valances

Choosing Curtains, Blinds, Drapes and Window Valances

The final steps are the window dressing treatments and colors. Curtains (covering window top to floor) and valances (covering the curtain and blind rods) are another potential full day of planning. Once your design is picked (flowing, straight, pattern, color), it’s vital to get the measurements correct. Whether making your own curtains and drapes, special ordering, or buying from a department store, you must know the measurements.

Blinds and shades can be placed inside the window mount, or on the outside. If no molding is used, the inner mount is generally preferred. The measurement for blinds will depend on placement.

Step 5: Choose Colors

Choose Colors

The final step is complementing your window treatment choices with color. Your paint colors for molding and trim should work not only with your curtain and drape choices but with the room itself. The wall color shouldn’t clash with the trim, but also doesn’t necessarily need to match. Using a professional designer to help bring everything together adds ease to your task.