The Most Popular Haircuts for Men

In the world of ever-changing trends, it can be hard to determine what men’s hairstyle is right for you. Thankfully, there are certain cuts that have become uniquely popular- and for good reason! Ask for one of these cuts the next time you go to the hair salon for a cool, stylish look.

Angular Fringe

If you prefer a more rock n’ roll style, then this is the haircut for you. This look became popular in 2014, but it is showing no signs of going anywhere. This cut is achieved by tapering the sides forward so that all of the hair is coming toward the front and center, and shaving the edges. Because of the textured and angular look of this style, it works best for men with round faces.

Simple Casual

Plenty of men prefer more casual looks than the angular fringe, and that is fine. This everyday look can be achieved by going into your local hair stylist and asking them to cut your hair shorter on the sides and longer on the top. From there, you will want to style this haircut using just a bit of gel and a brush to keep the front of your hair upturned.

Side Part Pompadour

Pompadours have been seen throughout fashion history forever and that is not going to stop now. This is also a favorite cut among hair dressers (client typo: hair dressors) due to its versatile nature. This cut can be achieved with various lengths of hair by cutting the sides short and using just a touch of pomade on the longer hairs. By parting this pompadour to the side, you can easily achieve a stylish yet effortless look.

Short Back and Sides

Cutting the sides short is a popular new trend, but cutting the back gives this look a bit of uniqueness. The center and front of the hair are both left long and tapered off toward the front of the face. That is what makes this look a mildly edgy, but still very wearable, haircut.

The Caesar

Named after Roman emperor Julius Caesar, this is one of the most popular buzzcuts out there. Because of its short nature, this ‘do is incredibly easy to spike and style, while simultaneously taking almost nothing to maintain. Simply cut the sides short and leave just a bit of hair up top and you will have an easy look for everyday and formal occasions.


There are no shortages of stylish men’s haircuts, so do not be afraid to experiment. Try out as many of these different hairstyles as you like, and remember that hair will always grow back, so have some fun with it! If you are interested, you may do additional research at the Tony Shamas Hair & Laser website for more information.