What You Need to Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

Long lashes are beloved the world over for the way they give eyes that extra special something. For an upcoming wedding or special event, eyelash extensions can transform already nice looking eyes into stunning eyes with fluttering lashes to drool for. Before heading to your nearest salon and indulging in the costly and time-consuming service, it’s important to know some important basics about lash extensions.

Choosing a Service Provider

It’s important to interview your lash stylist before allowing them to apply the extensions to your eyes. They need to have a license in cosmetology or esthetics and should also be certified by a company that provides lash extension training. Ask how many services they have performed and if there are any client photos available that you can view before your service. The salon should be clean and well lit with proper hygiene standards. To learn more, please visit the Sugarlash website.

The skill level of your lash stylist is incredibly important, as each lash must be applied individually onto your existing lashes. Two lash extensions should never be glued to one of your natural lashes, as this could weigh down your natural lashes and cause them to break off, which will in turn leave you with bald spots on your lashes — yikes. Lash extensions are time-consuming and must be applied by a detailed and patient stylist who has perfected her craft. Be ready to lie still for up to two hours for the service to be complete.

Patch Test

Around 24 hours before your service, a patch test with the glue that will be used to apply the lash extensions should be applied to your skin. This will be a good way of seeing if you will have any allergic reactions to the glue used to apply the extensions. While many people have no problems with the glue, there is always a possibility that you could have an adverse reaction. If you’re planning for a big event and that is the reason you’ll be getting the extensions, any reaction could spell disaster before your wedding or other special event. Don’t skip the patch test, as doing one could save you a lot of trouble and heartache. If you have no adverse reactions, odds are that it’s safe to proceed with the service.

Caring for Lash Extensions

In order to properly care for your lashes, before having them applied, it is important to ask yourself if you are ready to maintain them and care for them properly. This may mean changing up your normal routine. If you are a mascara addict, lash extensions may not be for you. You shouldn’t apply mascara to them, although you can still wear eyeliner and eye shadow. However, eye makeup must be removed with a oil-free eye makeup remover. Any oils that touch your eyes will break down the glue that holds the lash extensions onto your natural lashes.

Secondly, brushing through your lashes a couple times each day will be necessary to keep them from getting tangled. You can still wash your face as normal, but must be careful to pat dry your face and to never rub your eyes with a towel or with your hands. It’s also best not to sleep with your face buried in the pillow at night, as this can tug and pull at the lash extensions. As you can see, some lifestyle changes are necessary to have lash extensions, but beautiful lashes will be the result!