5 Steps to Use Window Treatments to Transform Your Home

Nothing changes the inner or outer aesthetic of a home as dramatically and easily as window treatments. The design elements of your windows affect both views instantly. The choices of window treatments and ideas are seemingly endless. Here are five steps to making a dramatic transformation to your home.

Step 1: Choose the Style of Window

Choose the Style of Window

From sliding windows to picture windows, there is an ideal style for every room. Professional manufacturers like Panes windows can help you decide your best options. If you live in a breezy, cool climate, you’re certain to want sliding windows you can open to save on energy bills. Perfect views from a dining, porch or living area can look like art from a picture window. Decide what each room needs, what is efficient from an energy and aesthetic standpoint, and dive into all your options.

Step 2: Window Molding and Trim Options

Window Molding and Trim Options

The next step is to decide what, if any, trim you’ll place around your windows. Some homeowners choose to leave windows flush with the wall for a minimalist look. Others choose single or multiple layered molding flanking the windows. These treatments allow for painting, which compliments the view and other treatment options like curtains. Molding is cut from simple to quite elaborate designs. Each room can have its own unique style, or using similar trim in each room the house achieves flow.

Step 3: Using Shutters and Planters

Using Shutters and Planters

The next step is considering curb appeal. Again, some homeowners choose the simple by allowing the inner treatments to be enough. Others choose to add eclectic treatments to the outside. Shutters are a popular option to give either a classic (Colonial, Victorian, etc.) or modern look (Louver, Plantation, etc.) to your home. Shutter treatments alone will add monetary and aesthetic value to your home. Planters installed below the windows give the outside and inside a fresh, colorful feel.

Step 4: Choosing Curtains, Blinds, Drapes and Window Valances

Choosing Curtains, Blinds, Drapes and Window Valances

The final steps are the window dressing treatments and colors. Curtains (covering window top to floor) and valances (covering the curtain and blind rods) are another potential full day of planning. Once your design is picked (flowing, straight, pattern, color), it’s vital to get the measurements correct. Whether making your own curtains and drapes, special ordering, or buying from a department store, you must know the measurements.

Blinds and shades can be placed inside the window mount, or on the outside. If no molding is used, the inner mount is generally preferred. The measurement for blinds will depend on placement.

Step 5: Choose Colors

Choose Colors

The final step is complementing your window treatment choices with color. Your paint colors for molding and trim should work not only with your curtain and drape choices but with the room itself. The wall color shouldn’t clash with the trim, but also doesn’t necessarily need to match. Using a professional designer to help bring everything together adds ease to your task.

5 Signs That it is Time to Replace Your Home Windows

  • Visible Damage is Present
  • Desire To Reduce Utility Bills
  • Changing the Aesthetics
  • Post Storm Effects
  • Renovation

There are a number of signs that present themselves when your home is in need of repair. When it comes to windows there are many different signals. Windows don’t last forever but, you can have some brands of windows for up to twenty years or more. A number of different factors contribute to the overall integrity of your windows.

For example, windows in an area where hurricanes are present may wear faster after a storm. If you’ve taken note that your windows are more than a few decades old, now might be the time to start thinking about replacing your windows. Let’s talk about the different signs that tell you it might be time to replace your windows.

1. Visible Damage is Present

Visible Damage

Repairs are sometimes possible when there is damage to a window. If the problem is simple, like replacing weather stripping, then you might be able to have the window repaired. If the structural integrity of the window is in question, this can lead to bigger problems if not replaced. Some signs you should look out for include:

-Foggy windows

-Drafty windows

-Windows difficult to open or close

-Visible cracks or gaps around windows

2. Desire to Reduce Energy Bills

Reduce Energy Bills

Windows allow you to let fresh air inside. Keep in mind that windows can also be a major source of heat loss. If you feel like your windows are drafty and letting cold air inside, you might want to think about installing new ones to reduce your energy costs. The amount of money you can save over the course of one year can be impressive. Replacing your windows isn’t necessarily enough. You have to invest in high quality windows. Insulating glass and a good seal are very important. Look for windows with an Energy Star rating.

3. Changing the Aesthetics

Changing the Aesthetics

Depending on the age of your home, you may want to make some aesthetic changes to update the look of your home. Windows are a very noticeable part of a home. If the windows look worn out or damaged, this can lead to a less than perfect curb appeal. If you plan on selling in the near future, damaged windows can really decrease the value of your home. That being said, you can also change the entire look of your home with new windows. Different styles are available. Shop for something that matches the current style of your home, but consider something different than you would otherwise select for the exterior of your home. When it comes to functionality there are different ways a window can open. Think about how you use a window, and make your new window selection based off of practicality.

4. Post Storm Effects

If you currently live somewhere that hurricanes or tornados are present, you probably have a method of protecting your windows from damage. Even with the best plan, you might still incur damage from a storm. Ask about windows that protect against things like extreme temperatures, salt water, moisture and wind. There are windows on the market that are two to three times thicker than your average window. If you have windows that have been previously damaged in a storm, think about purchasing a window that is built to last through the worst conditions.

5. Renovation

Window Renovation

If you have an older home that received new windows at some point, but the windows don’t match the original décor of the home, think about replacing the windows with a more classic design. There are companies that will construct windows for you. You can select what you want when it comes to function. Then, you can select what you want from a design perspective.

There are multiple reasons why you might want to replace the windows on your home. Whether you want to change the look of your home, or you want to increase the amount of protection you get from your windows, there is always an option to select from. Take your time and find a reputable company (such as Panes windows) that can help you with this process. From selection to installation, professional service is key.

Things To Consider Before You Decide To Get Plastic Surgery

More than 20 percent of surveyed Canadian citizens receive plastic surgery every year. With such staggering numbers, it seems as if plastic surgery is the solution to all problems. Just because many people get it does not mean that it is right for you, however. You will need to consider a few things before you delve into the world of reconstructive change:

What’s Your Motivation?

The first thing you want to review before you sign up for plastic surgery is your motivation. People get plastic surgery for a variety of reasons. Some people get it because they want to defy the aging process. Some people get it because they want to correct something that has been damaged or distorted in an accident. Some people get it due to peer pressure and domestic pressure. Review your true reason for desiring the surgery and make sure you have a positive reason.

Have You Tried Other Solutions?

Surgery may be a quick fix to a problem such as a large belly, sagging breasts or something similar. However, you may have some other options for creating the change that you desire without getting surgery. Diets, supplements and fitness plans are examples of tools that you can use to improve yourself without investing in surgery.

Do You Know the Risks?

Plastic surgeons are available to answer your questions about the risks involved in any type of surgery. Many types of plastic surgeries are available for you. The most common types are facelifts and breast augmentation. Each procedure has a specific healing time and risk associated with it. Do not make any rash decisions unless you have spoken to a plastic surgeon and asked everything that you need to know about your specific procedure. The more questions you ask, the more likely you are to receive treatment with which you can be happy.

Have You Done Your Research?

Research is important when you are making a huge life decision. You will need to research your surgery before you give a specialist the green light to perform it. You’ll want to see some pictures that other people have taken after they receive the surgery. You can visit forums and review information that people have posted about their experiences. If you can get a live phone conversation with a plastic surgery patient, that would be even better. You should review the risks and healing times more than once and make sure that you are set up to recover. You should have a least one family member or friend you can count on to help you while you are recovering.

If you go through all the previously mentioned tips, you should have an excellent experience. Best wishes on your surgery.


8 Types of Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic surgery is undertaken to reinstate the purpose of body tissues or skin back to normal or as close as possible otherwise known as reconstructive surgery. However, cosmetic surgery is performed to augment the appearance of the same body tissues. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons statistics indicates that 1 million of reconstructive surgeries are performed every year. The following are different types of plastic surgeries:

1. Cleft Lip and Palate Repair

This is a standard procedure in North America. It is carried out to correct the deformation and restore healthy appearance as children grow up. Most of these procedures are performed at no charge in most states. Cleft lip surgery assists children to grow up with minimal stigmatization.

2. Breast Reduction

This surgery is carried out to reduce the size of women’s breasts. The operation results in the breast size restoration with proportion to the body and relieves discomfort from large breasts. This procedure is also called reduction mammoplasty.

3. Breast Reconstruction

After a mastectomy, doctors advise women to get a breast reconstruction procedure. The procedure is, therefore, a secondary operation that helps restore confidence in women.

4. Hand or Foot Surgery

Several conditions can lead to dysfunctional hands or disability in adults or children. Some of these include carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and Dupuytren’s contracture. This surgery helps relieve pain and get rid of diseases that reduce strength.

5. Regenerative Medicine

The procedure involves combining cells and molecules that are biologically active to form functioning tissues. The purpose of regenerative medicine is to augment and reinstate damaged tissues to function as intended. An example of this procedure is Artificial Skin and Cartilage. Regenerative medicine is used in conditions such as bone generation, new skin generation, treatment of scars, care for wounds, reconstruction of breasts and generation of nerve tissue.

6. Tissue Engineering

Tissue engineering is incorporated in regenerative medicine to help with self-healing that comes about with recreation of cells to rebuild organ tissues. Notably, this procedure is designed to help cancer patients and people born with deformities.

7. Skin Cancer Removal

Plastic surgeons will be asked to undertake procedures like this to remove cancerous sections of the skin. This surgery is performed using specialized medical equipment and techniques to ensure that the skin surface appearance is maintained.

8. Tissue Expansion

This procedure is undertaken to trigger skin growth in almost any part of the body. It is used in tissue reconstruction after breast removal. However, it can be utilized in other procedures as well.

Plastic surgery is carried out by well-trained plastic surgeons that specialize in different types of surgery. Accidents, poor body image, and congenital disabilities are some of the reasons why plastic surgery is necessary. It is vital to ensure that you utilize the services of a qualified surgeon.

What You Need to Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

Long lashes are beloved the world over for the way they give eyes that extra special something. For an upcoming wedding or special event, eyelash extensions can transform already nice looking eyes into stunning eyes with fluttering lashes to drool for. Before heading to your nearest salon and indulging in the costly and time-consuming service, it’s important to know some important basics about lash extensions.

Choosing a Service Provider

It’s important to interview your lash stylist before allowing them to apply the extensions to your eyes. They need to have a license in cosmetology or esthetics and should also be certified by a company that provides lash extension training. Ask how many services they have performed and if there are any client photos available that you can view before your service. The salon should be clean and well lit with proper hygiene standards. To learn more, please visit the Sugarlash website.

The skill level of your lash stylist is incredibly important, as each lash must be applied individually onto your existing lashes. Two lash extensions should never be glued to one of your natural lashes, as this could weigh down your natural lashes and cause them to break off, which will in turn leave you with bald spots on your lashes — yikes. Lash extensions are time-consuming and must be applied by a detailed and patient stylist who has perfected her craft. Be ready to lie still for up to two hours for the service to be complete.

Patch Test

Around 24 hours before your service, a patch test with the glue that will be used to apply the lash extensions should be applied to your skin. This will be a good way of seeing if you will have any allergic reactions to the glue used to apply the extensions. While many people have no problems with the glue, there is always a possibility that you could have an adverse reaction. If you’re planning for a big event and that is the reason you’ll be getting the extensions, any reaction could spell disaster before your wedding or other special event. Don’t skip the patch test, as doing one could save you a lot of trouble and heartache. If you have no adverse reactions, odds are that it’s safe to proceed with the service.

Caring for Lash Extensions

In order to properly care for your lashes, before having them applied, it is important to ask yourself if you are ready to maintain them and care for them properly. This may mean changing up your normal routine. If you are a mascara addict, lash extensions may not be for you. You shouldn’t apply mascara to them, although you can still wear eyeliner and eye shadow. However, eye makeup must be removed with a oil-free eye makeup remover. Any oils that touch your eyes will break down the glue that holds the lash extensions onto your natural lashes.

Secondly, brushing through your lashes a couple times each day will be necessary to keep them from getting tangled. You can still wash your face as normal, but must be careful to pat dry your face and to never rub your eyes with a towel or with your hands. It’s also best not to sleep with your face buried in the pillow at night, as this can tug and pull at the lash extensions. As you can see, some lifestyle changes are necessary to have lash extensions, but beautiful lashes will be the result!